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Please see RA advice and instructions on COVID 19, relating to the BHR group’s walks programme¬†


Walks normally used to take place from various interesting locations on Wednesdays & Sundays, starting at 10am. There were also evening walks in the summer. Limited walks available currently due to Covid 19 restrictions.

A few points…….

1/ Please make sure that you are fit enough to undertake the walk that you intend to join. Most walks are in rural areas. Please have suitable clothing and footwear for the walk. Leaders may refuse to accept participants, who in their opinion, are inadequately equipped or unfit. When in doubt please contact the walk leader in advance.

2/ Although prospective new members are warmly invited to join us on a limited trial basis, they must make themselves known to the walk leader before the commencement of the ramble. All other walkers must be members of the Ramblers Association and proof of membership may be requested.

3/ For your own and others’ safety, please abide by any advice and instructions given by the walk leader. Though walking is one of the safest outdoor activities, no activity is completely without risk and it is your responsibility to behave sensibly and to minimise the potential for accidents to occur.

4/ Contact the leader(s) for any further information you may require.

5/ ‘Lift available’ in the walk’s information indicates the leader may provide a lift. Our group encourages car-sharing. Drivers often appreciate it when a voluntary contribution to fuel costs is made by passengers.

6/ If a ‘pub stop’ is mentioned in the walk’s information, please bear in mind that this will generally be for drinks. Please bring a packed lunch and refrain from consuming your own food and drink on public house premises – unless permitted by the landlord.

7/ Adverse weather conditions may cause cancellation of, or alterations to, a walk.

8/ No dogs are permitted on the walks except those accompanying assistance dog users, who must have the prior agreement of the walk leader to participate in the ramble.

9/ Please check availability of public transport on the day before the walk.