Latest advice from The Ramblers Association dated July 26th 2021:-

 The UK government roadmap for listing lockdown in England is now at Step 4. People can walk together

 outdoors, and Ramblers group walks and volunteer activities can take place.   

 (not currently available)


Andrew Scallan
Linda Bailey
Membership Secretary:
Suzie Tomkins
Peter Clinch
Newsletter Editor:
Peter Slepokura
Social Secretary:
David Fry
Walks Programme Coordinator:
David Fry
Evening Walks Coordinator:
Lucie Thornycroft

Ramblers Worldwide Holidays
The Walking Partnership

Our group has ‘earned’ commission from Ramblers Worldwide Holidays. This is a scheme where every time a member of our group books a holiday with Ramblers WWH a contribution is given to the funding of our group. £10 per person for a UK holiday, £20 for every short haul and £30 for every long haul holiday. Please mention that you belong to BH ramblers if you make any bookings.


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