Latest advice from The Ramblers Association dated April 26th 2021:-

 Covid-secure group walks are classified by the UK government as ‘organised physical activities

and can take place in groups larger than six.   




Andrew Scallan
Linda Bailey
Membership Secretary:
Suzie Tomkins
Peter Clinch
Newsletter Editor:
Peter Slepokura
Social Secretary:
David Fry
Walks Programme Coordinator:
David Fry
Evening Walks Coordinator:
Lucie Thornycroft

Ramblers Worldwide Holidays
The Walking Partnership

Our group has ‘earned’ commission from Ramblers Worldwide Holidays. This is a scheme where every time a member of our group books a holiday with Ramblers WWH a contribution is given to the funding of our group. £10 per person for a UK holiday, £20 for every short haul and £30 for every long haul holiday. Please mention that you belong to BH ramblers if you make any bookings.


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