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Towards high ground

Towards high ground   (Richard S. July '13)

Turkey family

Turkey family  (Richard S. July '13)

Martin's ditch

Martin's ditch

Hot day for wooly jumpers

Hot day for wooly jumpers  (Richard S. July '13)  

Lost sheep

Lost sheep  (Richard S. July '13) 

Evening view over the Downs

Evening view over South Downs scarp and 2012 water main scar (Richard S. July '13)

Bright evening.....

Bright evening from Folkington

Territorial robin

Territorial robin   (Richard S. July '13)

Aerial runway

Odd aerial runway   (Richard S. July '13)


Corncockle on edge of wheat field      (Richard S. July '13)

Long Man brewers

Long Man Brewery workers    (Richard S. July '13)

Colin in the Sussex jungle

Colin in the Sussex jungle   (Richard S. July '13)

Friston Pond

Friston Pond   (Richard S. July '13)

Deer escape..

Deer escape...   (Richard S. July '13) 

'Till the cows come home...

'Till the cows come home.... (Richard S. July '13)

Aromatic fields

Strong smellin rape fields   (Richard S. July '13)

Garden Views

Garden views on our walk...    (Richard S. July '13)

Mysterious train line

Mysterious train line at Bolebroke  (Richard S. July '13)


Beautiful summertime flowers...   (Richard S. July '13) 

Birling Gap

Mid-summer lunch at Birling Gap   (Peter C. June '13)

Birling Gap

Lunch at Birling Gap   (Peter C. June '13) 

Murray relaxes at lunchtime

Murray (nice legs!) relaxes after luncheon   (Richard S. June '13)


Colin relaxes at teatime   (Richard S. June '13)

Painting in East Dean Market

Friston Windmill before 1927   (Richard S. June '13)

Shade loving Sheep

Shade loving sheep...   (Richard S. '13)

Sea level at last...

Birling Gap   (Richard S. June '13)

Following a Banana

Ramblers following an airborn banana... (Richard S.  June '13)

Fuller's Folly

Inside a Fuller's Folly...     (Richard S.  June '13)

Journey's End

Journey's End - East Dean  (Richard S. June '13)

Glynde Archway

Glynde Archway (Richard S. June '13)

Dewpond near Firle

Dewpond near Firle  (Richard S. June '13) 

Black sheep...

Black sheep...  (Richard S. June '13)

Burwash churchmen

Burwash churchmen...   (Richard S. June '13)

Horse confuses Ramblers...

Horse confuses Ramblers...   (Richard S. June '13)

Elevenses at Brightling

Elevenses at Brightling   (Richard S. June '13)

Beech tree

Ancient beech tree routes...    (Richard S. June '13)

Above Alfriston

Above Alfriston...  (Richard S. June '13)

Late Spring

Late spring...  (Richard S. May '13) 


Leadership...    (Richard S. May '13)

Belle Tout slopes

belle Tout slopes...   (Richard S. Mar. '13) 

Fresh grazing

Fresh grazing...   (Richard S. Mar.'13)

Gathering in

Gathering in...   (Richard S. Mar.'13)

Tactile Treat

Tactile Treat   (Richard S. Mar. '13)

Long Man at Wilmington

On top of the 'Long Man' at Wilmington    (Richard S. Feb'13) 

Ouse in the wind

Ouse Straight - Strong wind blowing  (Richard S. Feb '13)

Black House, Lewes

New apartments - Lewes  (Richard S. April '13)

Modern earthworks

New yet ancient ways...  (Richard S. Feb '13) 

The way we came...

The way we came...    (Richard S.  Feb '13)

Late walk-out

I wandered lonely as a ...    (Richard S. April '13) 


Approaching Jevington    (Richard S. March '13)

East Dean

Journey's End....  (Richard S. April '13)


Village Signs   (Richard S. April '13)

Teasels left standing in the snow

Teasels left standing in the snow...   (Richard S. Mar.'13)

Logo in the snow...

Logo in the Snow  (Richard S. Mar.'13)

Approaching Jevington

Approaching Jevington    (Richard S. Mar.'13)

Clean Snowdrift

Clean Snowdrift        (Richard S. Mar.'13)

Ouse into Lewes

Ouse into Lewes   (Richard S. Feb.'13)

Ouse Straight

Ouse Straight - in a cold wind  (Richard S. Feb.'13)

Outer Cliffe - Lewes

Outer Cliffe - Lewes    (Richard S. Feb.'13)

Rodmell Flint

BHR in Rodmell   (Richard S. Feb '13)

Mount Caburn

Mount Caburn   (Richard S. Feb '13)

Ramblers' grafitti

Ramblers' Graffiti     (Richard S. Feb.'13)

Boundary Markers

A Rambler's dilemma...East or West?     (Richard S. Feb.'13)

St.Pancras Church, Kingston

New carved 'corbel' heads at Kingston's Church  (Richard S. Feb.'13) 


Threatening sky..darklands      (Richard S. Feb.'13)

West of Ouse Valley

West of Ouse Valley        (Richard S. Feb.'13)

Up to Kiri's place

BHR decide to go and see Kiri Te Kanawa...  (Richard S. Feb.'13)

A falcon near Wilmington

A falcon seen near Wilmington          (Richard S. Nov.'12)

Ashdown Forest from Nutley

Ashdown Forest from Nutley         (Richard S. Nov.'12)

Sweet honeysuckle

Sweet honeysuckle on a summer ramble...   (Richard S. Aug.'12)

Baleful horse?

A balefule horse...                      (Richard S. Aug.'12)

Far afield - Caburn

Far afield - Mount Caburn       (Richard S. Sept.'12)

Stroll Stanmer

Stroll from Stanmer         (Richard S. Oct.'12)

Sweet Pea

A sweet pea‚ somewhere near Lullington     (Richard S. Aug.'12)

Seaford blue skies

Seaford - Blue Skies      (Richard S. Jan.'13)


Only Mud - East of Firle              (Richard S. Jan. '13)

Seaford Head

Hard or Soft edge cliff - Seaford Head     (Richard S. Jul. 12)

Hang gliders

High ground‚ Bo-Peep         (Richard S. Jan.'13)

Glynde to Lewes in the snow

Glynde to Lewes in the Snow                (Richard S.  Jan. '13)

Keep walking..

Just keep walking...                        (PC June '12)

Mount Caburn

Sermon on Mount Caburn                          (PC June '12)

Warm Ears

Keep your ears warm...                                     (PC Feb '12)

Lunch in the rain

Lunch in the rain...                                               (PC Mar '11)

Andrew on the Mount

Andrew on Mount Caburn                            (PC June '12)

Seven Sisters

Springtime on the Sussex coast                    (PC April '11) 

Glorious Sussex

Glorious Sussex                                        (PC Feb '11)

Visiting the 'Sisters'

Visiting the 'Sisters'                                    (PC June '12)

Hang Glider in conversation with Ramblers

Hang glider in a conversation with ramblers              (PC Jan '13)

Mount Caburn

Glorious day just walking in Sussex                         (PC June '12)

A very large toadstool

A very large toadstool...                                (PC June '12)

Seven Sisters

The glorious Sussex Coastline                          (PC April '11)   

Seven Sisters

Walking the Seven Sisters                              (Peter C. June '12)

Pooh Bridge

BHR on A.A.Milne's Pooh Bridge in Ashdown Forest             (PC Feb '11)

A heron on a frosty morning

A heron (top centre) on a frosty riverbank                 (Geoff F. Dec '12) 

Ramblers' shadows on the frost

Ramblers' shadows on the frost                        (Geoff F. Dec '12)    

Rambling past Charleston House

Rambling past Charleston House                 (PC Jan '13)

Winter walk

Just another winter Wednesday...       (PC Jan '13)

Mount Caburn in the snow

BHR on Mount Caburn. Clare‚ second left‚ expedition leader.     (PC Jan. '13)

  • Towards high ground
  • Turkey family
  • Martin's ditch
  • Hot day for wooly jumpers
  • Lost sheep
  • Evening view over the Downs
  • Bright evening.....
  • Territorial robin
  • Aerial runway
  • Corncockle
  • Long Man brewers
  • Colin in the Sussex jungle
  • Friston Pond
  • Deer escape..
  • 'Till the cows come home...
  • Aromatic fields
  • Oilseed rape
  • Garden Views
  • Mysterious train line
  • Bolebroke
  • Coffee Break
  • Birling Gap
  • Birling Gap
  • Murray relaxes at lunchtime
  • Dewpond
  • Painting in East Dean Market
  • Shade loving Sheep
  • Sea level at last...
  • Following a Banana
  • Fuller's Folly
  • Journey's End
  • Glynde Archway
  • Dewpond near Firle
  • Black sheep...
  • Burwash churchmen
  • Horse confuses Ramblers...
  • Elevenses at Brightling
  • Beech tree
  • Above Alfriston
  • Late Spring
  • Leadership
  • Belle Tout slopes
  • Fresh grazing
  • Gathering in
  • Tactile Treat
  • Long Man at Wilmington
  • Ouse in the wind
  • Black House, Lewes
  • Modern earthworks
  • The way we came...
  • Late walk-out
  • Jevington
  • East Dean
  • Glynde
  • Teasels left standing in the snow
  • Logo in the snow...
  • Approaching Jevington
  • Clean Snowdrift
  • Ouse into Lewes
  • Ouse Straight
  • Outer Cliffe - Lewes
  • Rodmell Flint
  • Mount Caburn
  • Ramblers' grafitti
  • Boundary Markers
  • St.Pancras Church, Kingston
  • Darklands...
  • West of Ouse Valley
  • Up to Kiri's place
  • A falcon near Wilmington
  • Ashdown Forest from Nutley
  • Sweet honeysuckle
  • Baleful horse?
  • Far afield - Caburn
  • Stroll Stanmer
  • Sweet Pea
  • Seaford blue skies
  • Mud...
  • Seaford Head
  • Hang gliders
  • Glynde to Lewes in the snow
  • Keep walking..
  • Mount Caburn
  • Warm Ears
  • Lunch in the rain
  • Andrew on the Mount
  • Seven Sisters
  • Glorious Sussex
  • Visiting the 'Sisters'
  • Hang Glider in conversation with Ramblers
  • Mount Caburn
  • A very large toadstool
  • Seven Sisters
  • Seven Sisters
  • Pooh Bridge
  • A heron on a frosty morning
  • Ramblers' shadows on the frost
  • Rambling past Charleston House
  • Winter walk
  • Mount Caburn in the snow